About the Founder

Motorway Phobia Therapies

Paul McLoughlin

Born in 1971 in Dublin Ireland.
– Author
– Anxiety Coach
– Emotional Wellness Expert
– Leading Authority on MPAS (Motorway Panic Attack Syndrome)

From a very young age Paul battled with Anger, Anxiety and Depression. He struggled to understand his emotions and mood swings and by 19 years of age had already been professionally treated for Anger management and attended his first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous.
By 21 he had lost his driving licence for the first time and was no stranger to spending a night in a jail cell.

In 2002 Paul moved to the UK to start a new life but before long was standing in front of the magistrates and judges on various charges, all could be traced back to his absolute inability to control his emotions or behaviours. By the time he decided to truly try to help himself Paul had spent over a decade and thousands of Pounds on every form of Counselling and Therapy available and nothing seemed to have any lasting effect.
The turning point came in 2006 when Paul began a life of sobriety within the 12 step fellowships. There he learned that the sufferer of mental and emotional health can hold a distinct advantage over the person treating it. Especially if the professional has just been “educated” within the field with no first-hand, real-life experience of what it feels like.

He read every self-help book that he could get his hands on. He also admitted that most of them were of minimal value, but all were worth reading, if only for one little gem or idea that they sparked within him.
Motorway Phobia Therapies

After several years and hundreds of books Paul, signed up for professional training to become a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor feeling that this was the only way he could help those who suffered as he did. Before long, he knew that this was not the road he must follow but said it did clarify why none of the treatments he had paid for throughout his life, had made any real or lasting change.

Especially the treatments that were available for his Motorway panic attacks, these were the most pointless and expensive of all. This infuriated him and drove him to spend years working it out and fixing himself.
Paul has reverse engineered every single one of his issues, to fully understand exactly what they are, how to treat them, and why so many suffer in today’s society.

Today he lives a happy and full life with his wife Sarah. He no longer suffers from
  • Addiction
  • Irrational Fear
  • Phobias
  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Worry
  • Stress
  • Rage
  • Intrusive thoughts
  • Motorway Panic Attacks
And spends his time in continuous learning to deepen his knowledge, sharpen his skills so that he may continue helping others to find the absolute freedom that he enjoys.
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