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  • Have you have had a panic attack on a motorway and now find it difficult or even impossible to drive on them because of the terror that is relived every time?
  • Do you sit nervously in the slow lane at minimum speed?
  • Do you avoid overtaking because of the physical effects it has on you, sweating, terror, loss of spatial awareness, loss of control of the vehicle, fear of crashing or death?
  • Do you dread driving past merge-on roads and struggle to know what to do as the vehicles coming onto the motorway approach?
  • Have you noticed small ticks develop, that act as coping mechanisms? These can be anything from tapping the gear stick to adjusting in your seat, touching the radio or even your face?
  • If two motorways merge and you suddenly find yourself no longer in the slow lane but out in the middle instead, does this fill you will pure terror and panic?
  • Have you tried phobia treatments and had no improvement to your condition?
  • Motorway Phobia Therapies

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    About Motorway Panic Attack Syndrome

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    Motorway Phobia Therapies

    If you answer yes to more than one of these questions you have developed a condition called M.P.A.S.

    Motorway Panic Attack Syndrome is not a Motorway Phobia. That’s why virtually all treatments available claiming to treat you are ineffective.

    You do not have a Motorway Driving Phobia. It is not the driving or the motorway that terrifies you.

    What terrifies you is the fear of the Panic Attack itself.

    Therefore, anyone treating you for a motorway phobia has been treating you for a condition that you do not have and failing to treat you for the condition that you do have.

    You have M.P.A.S

    I know this because I had it too.

    And spent years and thousands of pounds on one failed treatment after another.

    Until I studied my own symptoms, worked out what was wrong with me.

    And fixed it.

    My name is

    Paul McLoughlin

    and I am the person who discovered and named M.P.A.S

    Making me the number one expert on the subject and in my own experience the only one who can offer a treatment that works 100% because it has been tried and tested by a sufferer!

    I know of Harley Street Clinics charging £300 per session and claiming to cure your Motorway Phobia in 2 sessions. I’m sure that probably works for people with a Motorway Phobia. But that is not what I suffered from and if you’re still reading then its not what you suffer from either.

    Motorway Phobia Therapies
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    “I’ve spent absolutely thousands on therapy and nothing worked…By the third session I stayed on the Motorway for 45Minutes…Paul can cure you one million percent!”


    “I had been diagnosed with depression and my anxiety was through the roof, I couldn’t get through a single day without having a panic attack……… Paul helped me gain control over my life. Words cannot really describe how grateful I am”


    “I was fine on the Motorways, I drove them everyday…. I was gripped with an overwhelming fear…I tried all sorts of Therapies and nothing worked…I can’t recommend Paul highly enough!”


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