About Motorway Panic

Why do I feel Motorway Panic?

Picture a train journey

You get on the train at the start and if you stay on the train, you will pass several stations until you reach your final destination.

Here is what the train journey to Motorway Panic and beyond looks like.

Station 1. I have allowed myself to be anxious for too long.

Station 2. My anxiety spills over into a panic attack, that happened on a motorway (but not because of the Motorway)

Station 3. I learn that Motorways are terrifying, and I avoid them.

Station 4. My life is ruined by what happens every time I go on the Motorway.

Notice that it is not the Motorway, it’s the panic that you are trying to avoid.
We will get you off the train (And Back on the Motorway) using our powerful and simple disruption techniques!
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